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The Buddha’s 5 Steps to Enlightenment.

The statues of Lord Buddha are often grouped under the substructures they are built. The Buddhist followers have a theory which says Buddhism has engraved a lot of statutes which signifies the unique and subtle life and teachings of Lord Buddha. Let’s read more about the significance of these statues.

Buddhism is a well-known religion which has been preached and passed on from one era to another by the disciples of Lord Buddha, the creator of this unique religion. Buddhism as a religion follows the philosophical ideologies taught by Lord Buddha, which helps in the attainment of nirvana or Moksha by the suppression of all the worldly desires and urges.

The particular sculptures associated with Buddha are simply in variety types. Every healthy posture associated with Buddha features a distinctive significance in Buddhism. The particular Buddha Statues are constructed with various products such as ceramics, metals, gemstones, woods along with resins. Some statues are classified by their nature of the designs. While some statues are named according to the unique names of Lord Buddha, some of the other statues are interpreted and translated by the English language and are commonly known as The Laughing Buddha or The Garden Buddha.

The statues are carved with the images of Lord Buddha and some other very significant characters, who have contributed their lives as a thorough follower of the Buddhist religion. These images provide meaning to the lives of the founder of Buddhism and all his disciples. These images serve as avenues and also provide luck, wealth, fitness and attraction of favors for people who believe.

Many people believe that these statues protect from danger or guide right, when you are in doubt or trouble. The most important aspect of these statues is the symbolic representation of sacred learning that roots from the sacred teachings contained in the religion of Buddhism.

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The statues signify BUDDHARUPAS, which refers to the foundation of this religion by Lord Buddha as well as his preaching. The teachings mainly directs towards the attainable issues of enlightenment, which according to Lord Buddha meant to avoid worldly desires through suppression to achieve Moksha or salvation. See more Buddha statues.

Just like Durga statues, the different postures of the statues of Buddha have different meanings. Buddha seated on the lotus or the sitting position of Buddha on the lotus flower signifies the meditative gesture of the Lord, which means the Dhyana Mudra. This gesture refers to the ultimate path which is known for attaining the enlightenment of life, or Salvation.

The other sitting postures are well known as Dhyani Buddha, Shyakamuni Buddha and Kubera. The standing posture of these statues signifies the blessings of Lord Buddha to his adherent. The statue consists of Lord Buddha holding a rice bowl in his left palm and holding up his right palm as a gesture for blessings.

Some of the other meanings of the standing posture of the statues are Dipankar Buddha, Heruka, Vajrakilla and many more. There also exists the reclining posture of Buddha, whose significance is not well known.

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The Buddha Experience Discount

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