Surviving Life Dramas

Life is full of dramas. Whether it is at work or at home dramas will always be there. These dramas affect life in a number of ways. The effect may be negative or positive depending on how you handle the drama. However, one should be very careful with dramas as they are capable of bringing your life to a standstill or ruining everything you have worked for all your life. These are some of the lessons that I learned from reading Karen Gosling’s Surviving life Dramas.

Before reading this I had little interest with books but that has since changed in the last few years. My life drama is what made me cross paths with this book. My story may not be very unique or the biggest drama ever but it affected my life and I was on the verge of losing hope.Surviving Life Dramas

A few years ago I was involved in a very bad divorce. And by bad I mean a totally messed up one. The divorce itself was not an issue since my partner and I had irreconcilable differences. Issues emerged when it came to the custody of our two little boys. As a parent, it is natural for me to want to be with my kids but my partner had other ideas. The unending court cases and bitter exchanges between my ex and I made me feel like vanishing into an unknown planet and never coming back.

Whether by coincidence or fate my dear mother sent me this book. And for the first time I decided to take a look at a book with some interest. I thought after the first few chapters I will get bored and throw it away but this was never the case. The more I read the book the more I could relate it to my life situation. And by the time I was through I was not the same person.

What makes it so special?

1. Karen has a vast experience in helping people manage the stress that is brought about by life dramas. Through this book she transfers all the knowledge she has gathered in her line of work to help you manage your life drama.
2. No matter what situation you are going through you will be able to relate it to this book. Whether it is a bad divorce like mine or work stress then it is all covered here.
3. Besides from understanding all your troubles in life, this book also provides you with different solutions to deal with these problems. And because it is all written down you can always go back for reference.
4. This book will help you analyze life from a different angle. With this book you will be able to view things in truth instead of judging them from their appearance.

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If you want any help in dealing with life dramas and you fear victimization or being judged then this book is exactly what you need. Personally after reading this book I had all the answers that I needed and I did not have to seek any additional help.

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Surviving Life Dramas

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