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Connect with Influencers

I hate networking; I really do. But I figured it was a necessary evil when I first started building my business. So I tried a lot of things: cold calling, email campaigns, networking events, you name it. I read books by experts and listened to countless success stories…all the time wondering whether these promises were legit, and why they weren’t working for me.

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One thing about starting up a business is that you find yourself surrounded by people trying to sell you things to build your business; you don’t really know who you can trust. So it took me awhile to find John’s Connect with Influencers course, and even longer to give it a try, but I’m so glad I did. Connect with Influencers was the single most important thing that helped me break through the “wall” I had put between myself and success without even knowing it!

I wasn’t sure at first, but I figured if it was good enough for a guy who’s worked with Steven Spielberg and Bill Clinton, I couldn’t afford not to give it a shot. Connect with Influencers is perfectly named – it made me understand that business is, first and foremost, about people, not numbers. Building relationships is something I’ve always struggled with, but Connect with Influencers showed me how to approach it the right way: not as a task, but as an opportunity. I actually found myself eager to put John’s techniques into action the first chance I got – and ended up with my first big client as a result!

Connect with Influencers’s 8-part video training course was exactly suited to my communication style – I can watch (and re-watch) any lesson from the comfort of my home office, without having to endure a long commute or tedious salesmanship. The worksheets and handouts let me follow along at my own pace, connect within fluenceand really gave me a sense of how much I was learning. Soon I realized it was easy! Suddenly approaching decision-makers at the top wasn’t the mysterious, scary thing I’d been seeing it as, but a natural extension of my personality. I just had to figure out how to make networking work for me, and Connect with Influencers was the key to finding that.

If I’d tried to learn everything on my own, the hard way, it would have taken me years (or never happened at all). Connect with Influencers did more than just save me time: it showed me the kind of entrepreneur I could be, and inspired me to become a leader in my field. One of the most valuable elements of Connect with Influencers is its Facebook community; I can ask questions and share experiences with people all over the world who have followed (or are following) the same path to success that I have. It’s enormously helpful to know that I’m not alone, and that I can help others as Connect with Influencers has helped me. Thank you, John, for developing and sharing this program with us, in such a convenient format!

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