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A few weeks ago, I purchased something short of a miracle that I simply have to share with you; it is called the Bathroom Remodeling University. You know the proud feeling of owning your own home, especially a home that needs some remodeling in order to make it unique and an extension of you and your family. Not only remodeling to update and beautify, but also adding tremendous value to your home, is what you will learn when reading on.

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After purchasing several DIY books on remodeling the bathroom with no good ideas that seemed possible to achieve alone, I started watching HGTV. The Eddie Case show about Bathroom Remodeling with excellent ideas on his successful bathroom remodeling. Then someone mentioned the Bathroom Remodeling University available online from Eddie Case. No need to be skeptical whether you would like it or find it difficult to follow as it comes with a 100%, 60-day money-back-guarantee.

You do not need a degree or any expertize and even a novice can follow the step-by-step remodeling videos. That is right easy techniques from the master bathroom remodeler, who has completed hundreds of remodeled and designed bathrooms over 21-years. Professional guidance on remodeling a bathroom like professional contractors would have done. The big difference is that you spend thousands on hiring professionals.

Doing the job yourself save you thousands while you impress everyone with your new skills. You might also be one of those individuals who learn visually and to follow the videos are very easy and you never have to wonder what to do next with the precise detail. Even if you have little or zero building experience, you will find it simple, straightforward, and actually impossible to mess up. Joining the Bathroom Remodeling University is the best thing you can do for yourself and your budget while everybody will ask you which contractor you have used.

Do you have any idea how proud you feel when someone asked you the name of your contractor and how much you paid? Experience the pride of your own handiwork while earning the respect of family and friends does wonder for anyone’s ego and budget. Ask me I know; my family and friends think I have more hidden talents and regard me as an action-man with multiple skills.

Look below at what you will learn with the Bathroom Remodeling University:

1. Installing bathroom plumbing

2. Moving fixtures such as basins, toilet or tub to another location

3. How to replace the old shower with your replacement

4. Cutting-edge methods to install up-to-date water lines

5. Wiring of bathroom light fixtures

6. Dry walling the complete bathroom

7. Building a walk-in tile shower

8. Installing a complete new bathroom instead of remodeling

9. Installing shower faucet and head

10. Tiling your new or remodeled bathroom

11. Adding trim to your bathroom

12. Fastening toilet paper holders, robe hooks and towel bars

13 . Discover all the remodeling tools you would need

What you see above is a mere drop in the bucket of what you learn about bathroom remodeling. Not only do you have all the videos guiding you, you get 24/7 access to professional advice if you should ever have any questions. Is this Bathroom Remodeling University recommended? Without a doubt is this one of the best things, you can do for yourself in saving money and becoming an expert in remodeling your own home.

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