7 Day Swin Reviews

7 Day Swim Reviews7 Day Swin Reviews

I am 27 years old and I’m ashamed to admit to the fact that I never learned how to swim. I fear going to the beach or waterparks due to the pressure I feel to have to get in the water. No one wants to have to wear a lifesaver at the age of 27. It’s embarrassing having to explain it to people. It’s also petrifying thinking of going near the water. Many people who do know will say, “just get in, it will be fine”. They don’t understand the fear, nor do they understand how much I have felt I have missed out on in life.

I tried taking swim classes a few years back but unfortunately, I was not successful. I never thought you could actually teach yourself to swim, until I came across a program entitled, “The 7 Day Swim“.

I had no idea what a program like that would even do for a person who doesn’t know how to swim. How can you actually learn by following a program? The more I read into it, the more intrigued I became. The program claimed that it would teach me how to swim in just 7 days. Impossible, I thought. For less than $100 for the entire system, I felt as if I had nothing to lose but to at least try it out.

As soon as I signed up for The 7 Day Swim program, I jumped right in. I began watching the videos, which were all very informative. They teach you the correct breathing and relaxation tips, how to glide and kick, how to frontcrawl, the breaststroke, and advanced tactics as well.

On top of that, you get bonus videos as well. These bonus videos give you a variety of other ways to swim correctly. I watched the videos several times a day, trying to remember each and every step. As soon as I felt ready, I went to my local gym and got myself in the pool.

I admit, I was still petrified getting into the water. However, I made myself relax and then took what I learned from the system, and put those tips to action. After just a few days of practice using this system, I finally felt confident enough to swim. I can’t believe that the 7 Day Swim program taught me more than an actual swim class has taught me. I am by no means a master swimmer yet, but I can swim well enough to finally get into an ocean without fearing my life.

guaranteed discount

Great program at an excellent discounted price of less than $100. Highly recommend.

yes i wan to get it

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